Black ops night


Last night we fired up some expensive Black ops battleships, shoehorned a few of the lower sp guys into bombers, invited a few ex-Bastards and friends of Bastards into fleet and set out for nullsec.

Then we remembered about bubbles and went back for cheap pods.

Several scouts went out with cov cynos looking for targets and we got busy catching up with some guys we hadn’t seen in ages on comms, highlight of the night being a photo of a ludicrously happy welshman in a onesie brandishing a chainsaw (that’s the kind of people we attract).

One of the guys found a really juicy system with apparently “loads of faction battleships” but by the time we were in range all he had for us was a mack, still its better than nothing and fine to shake the rust off.

Next target was about five Hulks in a belt which could have been a nice payout but we only caught one and a hauler, these guys are pretty quick off the mark..

The next one was my favourite, we spotted a boosting proteus parked outside a POS which would have been providing links for the fleet in system looking for us (by this time we had well and truly stirred up the hornets nest with a failed hit on some ratting battleships) There was a great deal of drunken discussion about how well torps would hit it and the scout was roundly abused for not being able to instantly identify a link ship from how it looked so in the end a whatsapp photo taken of the screen on his phone and mailed to all of us sealed it – deffo a link ship so lets blat it before the POS can lock us up.

We landed on grid cloaked, aligned then decloaked and melted it in seconds before warping off, POS guns not an issue. I love those sorts of hits where you can use a tool not really for the job it was designed for to get the job done. Unfortunately we didn’t think it was wise to hang about and try to get the loot as he had friends on grid.

A few jumps later we had a report of a rattlesnake and maelstrom ratting and of course all our ears perked up, shiny battleships are our favourite sort of killmail. This one went smoothly and as a bit of a bomber noob I am always surprised how quickly these things go down. Rattler first as we were a bit wary of his drones and then the Maelstrom, there’s nothing really to say about these fights, they are not really fights since we land instantly on top of them and melt them before they can even lock our afterburning bombers.

After this we had a breif sniff of a rorqual which turned out to be POS’d and then we headed home, docked up in our staging system and continued to talk crap and share photos on whatsapp for about another half hour.

The odd thing that I find about BLOPsing is that there is very little excitement, it’s a clinical thing with very little in the way of skill involved, you simply drop high dps bombers onto big fat targets that cannot shoot back effectively. Yes it is good loot and nice expensive killmails but the nailbiting, deep hull wins when youre fighting in a frigate against something which should outclass you are much more fun.

For instance, a few days ago I went out in my favourite atron and soloed a firetail and slicer within about ten minutes, both fights ended with me in very deep hull and with my heart beating out of my chest and I would take those over the billions we killed last night every time.

We will deffo run some more BLOPS nights and it is good to have a change but I still prefer lowsec frigate fights..


4 thoughts on “Black ops night

  1. Where are the screenshots with explanation showing your readers how to recognize a link ship? :P

  2. You’re dead on with the last bit. And I’m quite curious about your atron fit :)

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