450M Daredevil down..

Holy crap I have seen some expensive killmails but this one has to be close to a record. What is unusual is that it was not some overpimped highsec carebear chariot or ridiculous titan neither of which ever engage in pvp, this was a frigate used in lowsec and the pilot had the balls to engage in a 4 vs 1.

The story is a good one. I had spent the evening running a pvp class for some newish guys who wanted a bit of advice on how to get started in pvp and so we practiced a few things in highsec then jumped into low to go put the practice into action. I found the daredevil and warped in on it but he saw the others on scan and bailed. Our fleet was then chilling in a plex while I looked for more targets. “He’s on short scan” came over comms so I aligned back to the plex while telling them how much this ship was going to hurt:) I reckoned we could drop it though.

Sure enough the pilot warped in on them and I hit warp to get in there as quick as possible. When I arrived he had dropped at least one of our guys (who were only a few months in the game and this was one of their first ever fights) so I overloaded like mad and got on top of it. He repped like hell and obviously put out a lot of damage too but we just dragged him down before I popped. The guys were pretty chuffed and then I scooped the loot and started laughing – 173M drop, from a frigate! Someone linked the killmail and we all couldn’t believe our eyes. That is hands down the most expensive frig I have ever seen.

Most importantly I have to give a big shout out to Anun Hen the pilot, he had the balls and confidence in his ability to jump into a 4 vs 1 with a very flimsy ship worth as much as a decent T3 cruiser, this is what mega pimp ships like that are for and he was really chilled about it in local afterwards, giving us a “gf” and “Knew it would be risky but had to try”. If you have any ISK you should send him some cash so we can see another amazing machine like this again in space.



2 thoughts on “450M Daredevil down..

  1. I approve of this product / service

  2. Great killmail, obviously a good teacher and a ballsy DD pilot. We like!

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