Hit and run

When I joined the Bastards many years ago I was told that “humungous dps then GTFO” was the unofficial motto. Spank something quick then sod off before his mates can arrive and pretty much every fight is like this in lowsec to some extent or other, after every fight I am feverishly scooping loot and drones while spamming dscan in case someone arrives to finish off my flaming, burnt out ship and bag the loot for themselves.

While I was looking through my Fraps folder I found a bit of footage to illustrate this (which is a bloody miracle since I always forget Fraps). I had been warping in on a couple of the local russians with a new sniper corm fit and taking potshots at them to test it out. A corpie was cloaked on grid by chance and told me that one of them had moved out to 100km to try to bag me next time round so I reshipped to a brawler and the plan was to gank the Maulus which was still at zero before the firetail could get back to help his mate.

Let’s see if it works (I think I swear on comms btw)


4 thoughts on “Hit and run

  1. Nice! There’s nothing quite as fun as a well-done hit and run.

  2. Jubal Longstreet says:

    Nice! Couple quick questions.
    1 – is it better to start the lock first, then hit F1 (and all other target based modules?), I had been trying to do F1 first then using that to start the lock…
    2 – why didn’t you just try the firetail too? It looked like you hadn’t really taken anything into the tank yet (armor).

  3. I start the lock first since that will take a second or two then when that has started you can preactivate guns, scram etc.

    Didn’t engage the firetail since those guys blob like hell and his mates would all have landed on me.

  4. nemanja92 says:

    The only thing I was watching all the time were you mid slots and when will they burn out. :D

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