Just not quite…

I am just not quite good enough at the moment. Got this dram recently but was slow getting my drones out and so instead of dropping the bugger and getting out before his mates arrived I got caught, still 30M loss for a 100m Kill is OK.. Then I lost an inty tackling a pair of linked out the arse Ishtars for a tuskers roam, felt pretty daft about that really as I failed to spot the second one closing on me until it was too late, bloody hell they were quick though.


The next day I decided to go out solo in my Incursus which I haven’t done for a while and I dived in on a Torm in a plex and melted it, his mates in a coercer and punisher piled in and gubbed me so I decided revenge was in order. Normally the perfect ship to take on two laser boats would be a Wolf (90% EM resists yes please) but I keep exploding my wolves so I took a twin rep Vengeance and got stuck in to the Coercer. It hit like a truck but my reps were just about holding and I knew if I could drop him the punisher would be easy. I popped when he was at 14% structure (I asked) and was really grumpy with myself, firstly my launchers weren’t overheated and secondly I was orbiting too far out for lasers. If I had fixed either of these problems I would have won. Post mortem 20/20 vision..


To finish the day I got my alt’s Orca tackled on the lowsec gate by a cloaky loki. Out went the ECM drones and I burned for gate, luckily he was taking gate guns and his corpies were afk so he had to bail but still had to change my trousers.


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