Holiday time

I have decided to take a few short holidays to various corps around the map for a week or so at a time and then write about them (minus anything that would compromise security of course).

To start with it has to be null sec I think since I’m already pretty clued up on low and can’t go to high. I have put out a few feelers but if you know anyone who would be happy to host a pirate for a week then let me know. I will not be dropping corp so it will need to be somewhere I can dock (or perhaps this can be done with standings).

I get a story out of it and you get a decent pilot for a week plus a plug on the blog here.

Get in touch in game if you can help out with an introduction.


3 thoughts on “Holiday time

  1. Can’t help you with nullsec introductions and I think you will be limited to npc null mostly but if you rat some your sec status might increase enough that you can enter high sec again? Or does that take more rats as you are willing to take on?

  2. Several problems with that.

    1. Even if I tried ratting, the rate at which I blow up ships would probably undo the sec status gains faster than I could raise it.

    2. What on earth would I do in highsec? Also not sure I could keep the sec status high enough to stay there.

    I think maybe one day Ill try out highsec stuff just for interest but it won’t be soon – unless someone pays me a fortune to do it:)

  3. ericshangpirate says:

    Plus the abuse you will get from pirates. Its not worth it

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