Bloody great big fights

Well it isn’t often I get to write about such an explodey day so sit comfortably and prepare to enjoy vicariously yesterday’s pew session.

Most of the time we are flying small stuff and it is very rare for me especially (since I am such a skinflint) to fly heavier ships but somehow yesterday it all happened.

It all started off when Ana noticed two logis repping up a poco that shadow had blatted the previous day so we warped in a couple of BCs and they predictably ran, we were berating ourselves for not bringing something a bit quicker when one of the guys reships to a cyclone while his bud stays in a scythe. Ana and I were both in gank BCs and did about 2000 dps between us so we weren’t bothered about a bit of logi and melted through his reps in no time, for some reason the logi came in close and I snagged that too.

We were still on grid scooping loot when some of the crap russians who have been cluttering up local turn up in a Brutix and Drake. They had absolutely no chance – bam and bam. If I remember right there was a Vexor navy too that I couldn’t quite get point on before he legged it.

After that we were hanging about off station with me in a Harby again and the rest of the guys in the usual assortment of frigs and dessies when Team crap russia decide to have a go. They start in true pro style with an inty ramming my dual web 700dps harby, this goes badly for him but then I get tackled by a SFI and a Sleipnir so the fight is on. The SFI goes down and we make a mistake by not quite primarying their ishtar quickly enough but it does go down eventually, unfortunately my valiant Harby drops at this point and as we have lost a good few frigs too (and they have bloody ECM on field) we bug out. Ana manages to volley the bloody ECM boat as a parting gift though.

So I’m back there about ten minutes later wombling about and picking up loot when they undock again in a huge variety of stuff including a Vargur, I am in an inty, so is lazy and Ana has the trusty Ishtar. A thorax decides to tackle my inty and clearly that goes badly, then we isolate the logi and nail that too.

This next bit is classic, obviously Team crap russia have links and Ana has been tracking them, he is on grid cloaked with the link ship but they are cloaked so needs us to poke them and get them to decloak links so he can tackle and we can gank the link tengu. I lend Zipp a recce fit inty with tank, dual prop and stabs so he can kite them about and get them to decloak the links, unfortunately they catch it and feel the need to abuse Zipp roundly in local (for some reason local has been uncharacteristically quiet all day).

My gank harby is in a safe and I spot combats on scan then off. My old and slow brain only just realises in time that I have been scanned and I align, warping just as Team crap russia land (it was seriously that close) luckily they decided they needed links to gank one BC with an entire fleet and had decloaked their links which Ana promptly tackled. Lazy warps in the Talos of love and I pile in with gank harby and its curtains for the links. Unfortunately we loose Anas bomber and the Talos of love but my slippery Harby evades their fleet and piles out after dropping the Tengu. We could have had one or two of their fleet too but I called a shit primary and it caught reps.

Our great night couldn’t last forever and while waiting in a plex with three high dps catalysts for the inevitable massive fleet that would drop our luck ran out. They dropped a rupture, firetail, tristan, vagabond and just to be a sure a Kitsune on us. The ruppy came in first and copped over 1500dps in the kisser or would have if Lazy’s damn guns activated. He had some bug which meant they wouldn’t work and so the plan failed, as it was the damn ruppy was inches from dying with just two of us shooting it. If we had the full dps I expect we could have melted most of that fleet as they came in one by one. We lost three catalysts and I was pretty pissed off since that should have been glorious murder.

After that I had a bit of a grump and went off to do some boring admin stuff but it was a hell of a day:)



2 thoughts on “Bloody great big fights

  1. Sard Caid says:

    Sounds like a bunch of good fights; I don’t understand the “crap russians” bit. Just take names and have fun!

  2. Ach most of them are fine but there is one who just wont shut up in local. He quietened down after we popped his links though..

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