Politics, drama, station camps – in lowsec?!

Where to start on this one..

Auner has become absolutely hilarious recently. It all started a month or two ago when a Russian guy called FLK turned up in local and said that he was moving in and would kick us out. We had a bit of a laugh with him and he was on our comms a few times until he started basically being a cock and calling people “fucking fags” in local when he had kited them with a linked Keres which goes 6k and has a 40km+ point.

After that he would sperge* in local and try to bait us into sending a frig into his linked ship. We mostly ignored him so he started bringing in friends who are really crap and get murdered even by our new guys.

In the last few days it transpires that he has paid a Russian corp 1Bn to camp our station, which they have done but with very limited success, they are killing the odd frig and destroyer while we take down faction cruisers and drams. Then one afternoon a flurry of cynos brought in piles of carriers and the heavy metal came out – seboed insta lockers on station and spider tanking dominixes.

So we went off for a roam in frigs and left them to it:)

I really can’t wait to see where this goes next, we have a bunch of heavy, slow, nullsec trained lunkheads up against a handful of mostly inexperienced but fast and adaptable lowsec pirates. They havent a hope – we isolate one and kill him quick then when the blob turns up we go roaming in lowsec as usual. They can sit alone outside our station or they can follow us deep into lowsec which will result in them getting very out of their depth very quickly and being dropped by some of the bigger sharks in low.

Watch this space, we haven’t had so much fun in ages..


*Sperge – what a great word, anyone know where it comes from as I haven’t heard it outside of EVE.


3 thoughts on “Politics, drama, station camps – in lowsec?!

  1. Sarcos says:

    I don’t want them to leave…I’m enjoying the loot from their MTU’s

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