My ten year old nephew understands this..

My ten year old nephew understands this..

It is completely beyond me why many grown adults do not.

If you are amongst that number please for god’s sake read and understand this because YES-IT-DOES-MATTER. Those who read your ridiculous spelling will judge you and if you do it at work I expect your career will suffer.

Rant over:)

In other news Aeonax and I shot up a 280 Mill cruor for the loss of an 8M rifter. I knew it was going to be blinged but didn’t expect that much!

We chased it about a bit and both expected to be neuted to crap so when it landed on us we both just went full bore to get as much damage down before our cap went dry. I was flying a rifter and only just went down, possibly if I had flown a bit better I would have survived since the guy was in his pod before mine got off grid. Classic indecision, couldn’t decide whether to scram kite to reduce incoming damage or get in close to finish him off quick and in the process my transversal was probably unacceptably low against conflag ammo – ouch.

Either way I was happy with the trade but it would have been nice to have won in deep structure – love that feeling..


3 thoughts on “My ten year old nephew understands this..

  1. Ted says:

    Whilst I fully agree with your mini-rant, I do have a few minutes spare, so…

    “many grown adults”

    Presumably as opposed to those who aren’t fully grown? As if midgets don’t have a hard enough time already, without you bashing them for their poor grasp of English :p

    “for god’s sake”

    I’m not exactly fond of the big fella, but if one is going to be correct, it’s “for God’s sake”.

    Sorry, couldn’t resist. That was a nice kill. I’m surprised he only took 4335 damage. That sounds low for a 400mm plated pirate frig.

  2. I don’t feel inclined to capitalise the name..

  3. ericshangpirate says:

    Johnny have you been reading my blog again with that rant? Haha

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