Attemped to upship..

Several of the guys have been wanting to take out bigger stuff recently, it is a natural inclination to want bigger ships, we train for them and then in many cases never use them (I think I have about two kills in battleships) so last night out went a cruiser roam with logi.

We had our usual contingent of new guys and headed out with a bunch of russians following us – these guys hang about Auner occasionally and fly linked kitey shit so we tend to ignore them. For a nice change I wasn’t FC and we got a bit bogged down on a gate with one of the new guys loosing a ship to gate guns, another guy must have taken suspect because when I repped him I got timer and couldn’t jump so nearly lost my ship deagressing. We got the call to dock and reform and then got camped into station by a heavier fleet than ours so we just bailed in pods (which felt a bit bad) and got frigates which we took up to Aeshee and Hevrice and had a great roam.

It is possibly because we are frigate experts and less used to the bigger stuff but I always think that small fast hulls are the way to go, you can choose your fights more effectively and punching above our weight is a pirate speciality. Perhaps we just need more practice in heavier ships?


2 thoughts on “Attemped to upship..

  1. Sard Caid says:

    You need more practice in heavier ships.

    • Yeah we have been discussing this since I have been on T1 cruiser roams which melted HAC gangs. I think you need experienced guys flying them and we had quite a few new guys who arent used to the poor agility. Also a bit of bad luck.

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