Can you pvp with 5 weeks of SP?

Oh hell yes.

Mr Spaxi is one of the newest recruits to the Meatshields and has been keen as hell from day one, he has been soaking up information since he joined and will fight anything. He joined the Meatshields on day two as a capsuleer and has been playing the game for about FIVE WEEKS, his character must have less than a million SP.

I’m going to hand over to the man himself here and copy a post he made on our forums..

Well, since I’m still shaking up from the fight, I decided to post it up on the forums until I calm down.

Today I contracted 5 fully fit Incursuses from my trader alt and went off to give one of them a spin. Standard route, first to Aset then check out nearby systems for anyone doing FW plexing (my inventory had 1 web scram, in case I would need to fit 2 for a kill). I went off to Resbroko, then Hado, saw over 20 ONI guys and wondered if they’re calling Hado their home now. I jumped from Hado into Ardar, when I turned on my D-scan. 1 rifter and 1 slasher. I felt more comfortable with the slasher, so I warp onto him in Novice, tackle him, and chew him up quite fast.

I realized that he was pretty inexperienced during the fight (I didn’t check out the pilot info for some reason) and I hoped to get his pod, which I did. The pod was scrambled and webbed and I invited the poor lad over to Yarrsome.


After that, I immediately jumped to another PLEX, in which I scanned a Kestrel. I never fought one before, and I went in with hopes of learning how a Kestrel fights and how to fight one, definitely not to win. I jump in and immediately turn on my AB and burn to him, as he was at 14km. He locked me up and the same time I locked him and we both flew towards eachother. At 10km I webbed him, at 8.5 I scrammed him, standard stuff, but then I noticed he had both scram and web on me. I got confused and I thought he was armor tanking (but I was oblivious that the Kestrel has only 2 low slots) because I expected him to fit at least one extender and one booster, but that wasn’t the case. His shield was going down a lot slower than mine. He was at 60% when I was out of shield. When my shields were up at 30%, I hit my ancillary and the chase was on. My first armor rep cycled as his volleys breached my armor up to 80% and it got right up to 95% I believe. I was orbiting him at 500, then I noticed he was gaining distance. I immediately hit approach and left it like that since I know that vs Rockets orbiting doesn’t matter, the speed does. With approach I had the speed, and I went back into my optimal of 1km really fast. I check my d-scan and see it’s still set to long, so I shrug off last two digits (47, thanks to Tibbs for this advice) and turn around 360. It’s quiet all around, nobody but us.

After 3-4 more cycles of armor rep, I started getting into hull and my heart raced even faster. For every 2 volleys he pulled off, I had one armor rep cycle or something like that. I take a look at my armor rep and I noticed 1 more nanite paste remaining, while my hull was at 10% and his was at 50%. Right before his final volley hit, my LAST paste cycled and I saw something flashy. I searched my screen for the ‘capsule has been ejected’ message but it was nowhere! His capsule was in space! I immediately lock it up, but .2 secs before the scram he warped off. With shaky hands, I loot his wreck while constantly looking at my hull and laughing. It was at 7%, while my armor got back up since the armor rep cycled a few times. I warped to the station and I couldn’t dock. I was so overwhelmed that I totally forgot about the 1 minute timer. However, I warp off then back in and dock up, proclaiming a good fight in the local.

Today was a good day!

Watch out for this guy in local, I confidently predict he is going to be causing hell from now on.

Also: SEND THIS MAN SOME ISK, he did all this without rigs on his ship because can’t afford them, think what he could do with a rigged ship!

TLDR: SP make less difference that you think, get stuck in. Also having awesome teachers like the Bastards helps..


5 thoughts on “Can you pvp with 5 weeks of SP?

  1. […] the Bastards and concentrate on training new pilots. We have been very successful at this and have month old characters getting solo kills in […]

  2. Mr Spaxi says:

    I’ve been a Shield since day zero mate, remember that you pulled me out of Dodixie as soon as I made my character? :D I haven’t even completed one training mission, I went off with a Velator and 5k ISK. A long way did that take me. :)

  3. Jubal Longstreet says:

    So, I took your advice and started reading more blogs, namely yours. After having run through your first few posts I found little that I could translate to something immediately practical (except the article on shipping up, left me thinking I should hold off on the Cruisers for now).

    This article was very encouraging though, thank you for posting and including the links to the fits. Using BC’s killboard, from this post, I think I know how to move forward, and who knows, next time you see that ‘Atron’ it may be an actual GF (as last time your just ate my lunch pretty hard).

    • Jubal Longstreet says:

      Should note, Immediately practical meaning… it was good information, I’m just not sure how I can use it.

      • Keep at it bud, Azual’s articles are great and you’ll find others too. If you haven’t set up your overview yet then that is a really good place to start. Try the Eve uni guide on youtube as a first step.

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