PVP Training for corps, an advert

So recently I have been chatting to some guys in nullsec renter corps and although the ones I spoke to were nice guys they were completely clueless about PVP. Even basic concepts were misunderstood.

I have decided to pick up where Azual left off and offer pvp training to anyone who wishes to pay for it. Happy to train small to medium sized groups anywhere in EVE, will cover fittings, tactics and anything specific to your area of the game, high, low, null etc. Planning on charging a few hundred mill for an evenings training which is nothing compared to what you’ll save in ship losses.

I suppose you are wondering if I’m any good at this point so here’s my EVE history. I was a Tusker for over a year and left about five months ago to rejoin the Bastards and concentrate on training new pilots. We have been very successful at this and have month old characters getting solo kills in lowsec.

My killboard is here

Please contact Johnny Twelvebore in game for more info.


One thought on “PVP Training for corps, an advert

  1. Eric Shang says:

    I am proof of this training… He is a killer.

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