A tale of two kills..

This is just a quick reflection on two kills recently.

The first guy I caught in a plex and he wasn’t stabbed or cloaky so that is rare enough as it is but we had a pretty short fight and I managed to point his pod. As usual I went for the singing ransom but he said he didn’t have voice comms and was tired and a bit down about being blown up.

We chatted for a bit and he was a really sound bloke so I invited him to come roam with us and hoped he would come along some time. What made me decide to recruit him was that when I had to pod him (didn’t want to but you can’t go soft on people) his response was not the usual abuse but “Hey, I get to see my body floating in space – cool”. Awesome – that is the right approach there, I sent him 20M and told him to get in touch with us and if he does I expect we will have another trainee pirate in our ranks.

The next guy was in a Coercer in a large so I warped in a couple of times to get him but he cloaked, tried the decloak but nope, then used the probe trick but he had moved. Was about to give up when the trolling in local started. Now I don’t blame guys for rolling a FW alt to sit in plexes and farm cash – it is an easy way to make money and a valid tactic but when you fit 3 stabs and a cloak and then type shit in local about how great you are and how bad I am, well you are going home in a pod.

Out comes my bomber called “surprise” which has blasters, rockets and twin scrams. I slowboat up to him (why didn’t I think of this first?) and bump, decloak, lock him up and go to work. He is going down nicely but eventually manages to lock me up and because I had forgotten my rockets and neglected to orbit, the coercer was piling some very good damage on me. I got the AB on, found the rockets and got them firing and it was a race to hull which I won only in about 10% hull so actually a genuinely entertaining fight.

Then the excuses in local start, “started shooting too late, how stupid of me” I think you’ll find if you fit a cloak and three stabs to your ship then you will have a lock time somewhere around that of a Moros you dope.

Anyway that’s about it, if you are new just be civil to those around you and you will experience more of the good side of this game and less of the bad side.


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