Who hasn’t made that noise while playing EVE?

I was afk last night doing something and when I came back Tibbs and Cyril were a few jumps away so I headed off to join them. Just as I jumped in they had started a fight with Crake Gaterau and Patrick Casper who if you know anything about lowsec are pretty damn good pilots. Cyril made some bad calls and got wiped out which left Tibbs in a bit of a sticky situation against two high dps atrons.

In total hero cavalry style I warp in with my kiting breacher and just manage to drop Crake before Tibbs pops then draw off Patrick who only has an AB. I kite at range and feel bad slowly killing him so I type “Sorry mate” in local – this is to prove my undoing…

The 4 key is my overload point shortcut and as he tries to pull range I hit 4. I am then surprised when he warps away and I realise that the 4 appeared in local chat and therefore didn’t overload my point.

Moral of the story, when you have got a much better pilot than you at a disadvantage, don’t be magnanimous until you’ve actually got the bugger:)


3 thoughts on “AAAAARRGHGHH

  1. ReBeLSKuLL says:

    Hello Sir! How nice to see you guys are alive and blowing shit! Miss you guys a lot I can admit and EVE always whispers in my ear at those nights “come, log in” but then my “serious” side kicks EVE at the butt and tells her “NO! We must work you little whore”. It hurts, more than I admit! Anyway, give the old crew a hi from me! Happy hunting, get some for me too! Actually don’t. I will claim mine. Soon. Hopefully.. Till then I will live EVE through blogs (like yours!)x
    Fly flashy red! (Is that still a thing??!)

  2. Haha, you’re welcome back any time rebel, and now I must go and do soppy shit with the girl too:)

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