We have been busy..

Man we have been busy. Load of stuff going on and I don’t know where to start.

Firstly Ithica and some of the lads heard that there was a guy on twitch missioning and offering to do a shot for each viewer so they decided to go over and gank him which they did – the video is pretty comedy.
As usual with the Bastards the story doesn’t stop there and they got talking to the guy who was pretty good about it and wanted to learn about what we did. The next day he is down in Auner ransoming mission runners and popping pods with us so well that his sec status tanked to below -2 and we had to shell out for some tags so he could go back to highsec. I somehow think he will be back though:)

I also got a sweet 3vs1 and we got another singing ransom but Ill save those for later.


5 thoughts on “We have been busy..

  1. Sarcos says:

    Priceless..lolo. I missed this gank the other day. He took it well though. No Germanic Spergwhaling.

  2. Spergwhaling is an awesome word:)

  3. Sard Caid says:

    Reality TV at its finest from both parties!

  4. Looking at that movie there were very few tears to be had and he probably enjoyed the gank more as he would have enjoyed running a combat mission.

    Instead of ragequitting or getting bored running mission and quitting he was drawn deeper into eve. Very nice.

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