The two ends of the spectrum..

So while the nullsec lot were slogging through server treacle with half an hour of module lag in B-whatever the Bastards were doing what we do best, having a laugh and blowing shit up. Nowhere near as expensive shit as the other guys (btw I would love to be down there in an inty with cargo expanders trying to scoop some of the loot that drops off those ridiculous behemoths) but we do our best and love it.

We started off in cruisers and first system one of our new guys in a tackle frig caught a Legion on a gate – bloody good job Mulch. From now onwards it was basically op success:) The rest of the roam was a bit quiet as cruisers don’t fit in so well in FW land. At one point we all hid from a very heavy BC gang and a couple of the meats learned about gate guns the hard way but it was reasonably uneventful.

So we headed back to Auner and a couple of the guys were watching the titan blob on twitch so we were just hanging about on comms speculating about how much all this crap cost when Tibbs found a mahoosive frig gang quite close by. The call went out to fit no tank, no point, huge dps destroyers for a quick, balls out attack. Quickly we assembled what we could,  fired over there, and found them split up amongst a couple of plexes in one system.

We sent the few ships that had points in first to get their attention then shortly after warped in our untanked, no point, murderwagons which luckily landed on gate as their reinforcements got in. Now normally I control a fight quite closely with primaries etc but this was a dogfight, every man for himself and relying on pilot skill and most importantly agression. Someone asked for a primary on warpin and I believe my answer was “shut up and start melting shit”. Which admirably we did, I have no idea to the numbers but there were a lot of them, way more than us but we had surprise, morale and everything overloaded.

To their credit a lot of them stayed to fight (although plenty got away too) and they got two of us but after about 40 seconds of frenzied murder we held the field and a crapload of wrecks. We were buzzing, it was a bloody brilliant fight relying on skill and the desire for loot – proper bloody piracy.

It got me thinking about the other fight, ticking along at a glacial rate with time to make coffee between shots and I somehow think we had more fun. Indeed one of the returning Bastards has just sold his Titans (yes he had more than one) and returned to the life of low sec piracy vowing never to go near another boring supercap fight again.


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