Hauler death race

Ithica posted a hauler death race a while back and it happened last night, unfortunately I wasn’t on but the idea was to grab some bits from a can and complete a course through low, null and high before getting the bits back safely to the end system. Rules were pirate standard, none.

I wondered how it would go but logged in this morning to read the following post which made me chuckle so I thought I’d share it.

Re: [DEATHRACE]Haul it like you stole it

Postby Ithica Hawk » Sun Jan 19, 2014 10:28 pm

Congratulations to Tibbs for coming back from behind and winning the grand prize

Congratulations also to Sarcos for winning the ‘Spirit of the Race’ for stopping multiple times en-route and trying to kill passers-by.

Anabaric takes home the ‘most kills’ prize and bonus title of ‘dastardly motherfucker’ for his legal, yet unexpected use of a loki to web the competition.

Commiserations to Tekei for being the most shit and being destroyed and put out of the race at the earliest opportunity.

From 7-8 starters only 3 returned safely: Tibbs, Anabaric and CPT Shannon Igans so well done. Especially to ShannonIgans for successfully running the ‘bitter-vet’ gate camp formed of Anabaric, Tibbs, Punker and Lazy who couldn’t catch a single T1 hauler between them.


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