Wormhole relic sites are crap

Another title could be “stick to what you’re good at”. For some reason recently I have been bearing it up big style, it was quiet today so I found a C3 wormhole in the highsec next to our system and scanned down a relic and data site in it.

Woohoo I thought – big money here so I warped in my covops alt to do it and found some rats, no probs, I’ll fire my main in in an AF and clear em out. The AF was lucky to get out in one piece so I tried a HAM drake which did fine till the next spawn came along and wouldn’t come close enough to shoot. We faffed and farted about all day dodging the inhabitants of the hole (who were shit to be fair) and at one point we had bombers cloaked ready to go while their drakes were salvaging some wrecks (but not clearing the rest) and after much use of wholly inappropriate pvp ships to clear a pve site we finally cleared the last battleships (which bloody hurt) and I hacked the cans.


The loot from the entire C3 relic site came to 140,000. Yes that’s 140 Thousand. Not even enough to buy a t1 frigate.

We pissed about for bloody ages clearing that damn site and put expensive ships on the line, at one point I had an enemy tengu on grid with me and later on they decloaked a falcon, luckily they were crap and I got out but 140K!! The loot from the rats made it up to about 58M but still it took us most of the afternoon with arsing about ship swapping – I could have made more from a decent pvp roam.

Of course you could say that pirates should stick to pirating and leave wormholes to those who know about them:)




3 thoughts on “Wormhole relic sites are crap

  1. Anonymous says:

    seems you can’t read. your cargo says the value is 57 million.

    • Nik Kouva says:

      Seems you don’t know much about whs.

      Most of the loot that is expensive is from the wrecks not from the relic site. Sleeper data/nanoribons etc are all from the loot/salvage from the sleepers.

  2. Steve says:

    You cannot state that wormhole sites are crap. Average c5 relic/data site is about 400-500mil. Also, there is a way to solo it but its better with 2 guys to get all the loot.

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