360M Domi and a Stratios, not a bad first day..

So it was two first days, my first day back after a few weeks sailing in Thailand (so I was seriously rusty) and the first day in corp of one of our meatshield guys, Mal.

Mal shouts up “I’ve found a domi next door with a russian name” and as it happens I had been checking out a domi parked in a pos in our system earlier that day (it had no guns so I assumed neuts – I was wrong). Turned out to be the same guy and so I hauled over there with my scan alt and got to work.

Mal was in a condor so I warped him onto the target and went to get my main with some heavy metal to take out the Domi, Mal piles in there and he is 100km off but MJD’s further away. Mal is still burning for the bugger but he manages to warp out just as I’m entering system in a Harby.

“He’s gone sun – I’m following” I like this bloke I’m thinking and then Mal reports that he has lost him but he had forgotten the warp changes, I told him to wait and lo and behold he had overtaken the BS in warp which now landed at zero on top of him. Mal is delighted and gets point as my Harby enters warp for the sun at zero, unfortunately the Domi is packing Warriors which eat the condor alive but the glory tackle was worth it as my Harby (Ultraviolence edition) lands at zero and he is scrammed, webbed and eating nearly 900dps in the face.

He tried bouncers but the fight was never in doubt, my only worry was being interrupted in what is a pretty busy system. Boom.

When I checked the killmail I couldn’t work out what made it so expensive until I spotted the two faction hardeners, nice, and they both dropped, oh yes, and they’re in my cargo, “quick Mal, scout me back”.

One quick loot split and Mal’s money worries are gone and my half will go to corp to buy a load of frigate reships for our super secret roaming office (in Egmar).

Went roaming with Sarcos after that and we had some good outnumbered frig fights, then derped a Harpy into a a frig gang.

Then we spotted a Stratios on scan, woohoo never killed one of those before.. He was doing data sites and luckily I had them all probed down so we bounced around till we found him in one. Tibbs and I both landed on top of him in Thorax and you would think that that was the end of the story but no, he warped. “Bloody hell how many low slots does a Strat have?” turns out five so two scrams was not enough..

Now Tibbs is a tenacious bastard, if you get away from him, he will kill you. I was afk a bit making coffee and came back to Tibbs warping a Broadsword onto the bugger so I piled in and whored on the mail which showed that this genius was running a 400M faction cruiser with five warp core stabs which would completely negate any bonus from flying that hull, you may as well use a covops for a tenth of the price.

Best part of the day was Mal’s enthusiasm for the Domi kill, it was a good one and he deserves the credit for warpin, spotting the warpout, getting there before him and finally hero tackle until the heavy metal could arrive. Props bud and it was great to hear him so animated on comms.

So that’s nearly a Billion killed in a few hours yesterday afternoon, just wish I hadn’t derped the Harpy and Tormentor…


One thought on “360M Domi and a Stratios, not a bad first day..

  1. ericshangpirate says:

    Good catch Mal. Im glad to see him getting stuck in. gratz on the first stratios kill.

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