Nullsec wtf

I’m typing this with one broken finger and pretty exhausted so excuse me any small errors.

The last few days I have been recovering and traveling most of the way round the planet but I have found myself latching onto the big eve news sites and reading about null politics – a subject I have never given a toss about but which is starting to look interesting.  As far as I can work out from some limited reading and from a startpoint of complete ignorance is that slowly shit is starting to turn against Goonswarm.

Anything which breaks up a large dominant power bloc is of course a good thing and the fringes of such enormous conflicts are where the small fish like myself thrive.

Can anyone recommend a basic guide to what is happening or give me an idea of whether I am right or not?


2 thoughts on “Nullsec wtf

  1. Naoru Kozan says:

    I keep a vauge idea of what is happening in null from reading BRs on the mitanni and the war and politics section on Failheap challenge.
    I think NC. is about to get their shit pushed in by CFC + Rusrus. Goon propaganda should be taken with a very large grain of salt lol.

  2. Unless I missed something there isn’t really anything to imply that goons & pets aren’t ‘winning’ at eve. They started out getting all their members into drakes, then battleships and now they want to field multiple full fleets of capital ships.

    The only (un)surprising news is when anyone decides not to fold immediately to them and actually puts up resistance.

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