The Bastards

bastardIt has been about two months since we “put the band back together” and the Bastards have jumped from 89 to 83 on the battleclinic corp rankings, overtaking snuff box and body count so I am pretty chuffed.

The small gang and solo corps do well in the battleclinic rankings, for instance Goonwaffe are around 140,000th and Tuskers are number one. We definitely fit in the small gang category so benefit from higher scores but still it is nice to be in the top 100. Top 50 is my target and Bastards alliance has just had its best month ever so we are on the way.

Mostly I am happy about the group of guys (and one girl) we have got together, the vibe is always good on comms, the jokes are always terrible and we have a laugh as we murder our way around new Eden.

Long live the Bastards…


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