Total Bastards

So one of the guys was at work yesterday and couldn’t be on comms so he thought he would take his FW alt to cash out his Amarr LP. We were on comms and decided to have some fun at his expense:


FW Alt> Tak where is best place to go to cash out them LP in HS?

Johnny Twelvebore > go to rens I keep saying

Takeda Kashada > try rens, thats pretty close


We thought he would spot the slightly obvious flaw in this plan but thought it would be worth it for the off chance that he took his war flagged alt to Rens to get insta’ed on Rens undock. He bought it:


FW Alt> tak what station in rens best for LP ?

Takeda Kashada > hmmm sec

Takeda Kashada > i think its the middle one

FW Alt> there is 7 stations :)

Takeda Kashada > the middle one then

FW Alt> i got no clue lolz

Johnny Twelvebore > just check when you get there


The dozy bugger is asking us which station so we are just bluffing it and cracking up laughing on comms waiting for the lossmail to appear, he obviously gets shot at but pushes on to the main minmatar system:)


FW Alt> enemy of the minmatar republic lolz save me :P

Johnny Twelvebore > its worth it mate for the prices

FW Alt> almost there now

FW Alt> the middle one is a SOE station

Takeda Kashada > sec

Takeda Kashada > 6-8

FW Alt> cheers

FW Alt> thats a brutor station i have zero lp for them

FW Alt> my journal says my LP are with 24th Imperial crusade

FW Alt> amarr

Johnny Twelvebore > really?

FW Alt> yes

FW Alt> rens is minmatar republic

Johnny Twelvebore > you mean you can’t get amarr LP rewards in the minmatar hub?

FW Alt> ur a bellend

FW Alt> trying to get me killed or somthing lolz

Johnny Twelvebore > Dude that was funny


At this point I am actually crying and have a massive evil brainwave:


Johnny Twelvebore > You need to go to Dodixie




FW Alt> i was wondering why iam up in minmatar space for amar fw points

FW Alt> i dont fucking believe u now lolz

FW Alt> tak ur just as bad as him CUNTS all of u

Takeda Kashada > you said matar, im sure of it

FW Alt> i said not sure what ever the corp is in mitar or amar

Takeda Kashada > im welsh, all your english looks the same to me

FW Alt> tak where did u cash out ur amarr fw points ?

Johnny Twelvebore > its dixie mate

Johnny Twelvebore > thats closest

Takeda Kashada > emporers in dix

FW Alt> im going to die getting out of station now i think lolz

FW Alt> the minmatar need to get there finger out and flip our system


We actually got him to try Dixie after Rens, some time later:



Johnny Twelvebore > You daft bastard, you need amarr or caldari:)

Johnny Twelvebore > min/gal are enemy

Johnny Twelvebore > try Jita

FW Alt> I am trying to do work while piloting a FW ship though 2 fucking enemy systems getting shot at buy police and fuckers trying to rape me down i hate u i hate u stamps feet

FW Alt> 40 mins wasted lolz

FW Alt> I am smiling tho

Zeb Horlock > Jita man, theres an Amarr FW stn in Jita due to Amarr & Cal being allied

Johnny Twelvebore > We are fucking cracking up on comms mate:)

FW Alt> yes but jita is miles away from where i want this shit there is a station 9 jumps from auner and u guys know what it is just fucking me about



Still haven’t spoken to him on comms since that, really hope he is on tonight so I can take the piss:)


3 thoughts on “Total Bastards

  1. Fun fact? Sometimes the prices for Amarr LP items really are best in Rens/Hek/Dodixie.

    At first I thought he had already cashed out his LP and wanted to know where to sell them. I was already wondering why you wanted him to lose possibly hundreds of millions in LP items.

  2. FWalt says:

    DIe in a fire

  3. Roman says:

    Y’all are evil. Funny as heck, but evil. : D

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