Top 5k and RR Punishers


It’s official. I have whored on enough killmails to reach the top 5000 on battleclinic. To be honest from now on I am not desperately bothered what happens – I am not a super elite min/maxer and nor am I even a particularly good pilot but I enjoy having a healthy ratio and my efficiency is usually good due to the fact that I am a massive skinflint and always fly cheap ships:)

So, remote rep punishers rock, it is official. I took a lot of stick when I came up with the fleet idea but we tried it out last night and it was a good laugh and pretty effective.

We had the usual teething problems which are inherent when you need to keep a load of very slow ships within 5k of each other with some pilots going a lot quicker than others but after a bit of a tank test in Hadozeko we about had it right. We took on a few cruisers and some small gangs for warmup and finished the night with a balls-to-the-wall fight with a mixed dessie and AF fleet where we took casualties but won the isk war by a mile and held the field so loot, yarr.

Deffo one to try again with a few small tweaks, here’s the battle report for that last fight if you are interested, it was a good one. At the end we were being kited by talwars to which we had no answer so it was bail time, here is a screenie of my HUD as I brave-sir-robined:



3 thoughts on “Top 5k and RR Punishers

  1. Sard Caid says:

    RR Punies sound like a blast! Congrats on the BC ego stroke, though I suggest you check out the recent rankings versus the all time. You might be fairly higher! ;)

  2. Come try them out with us then? Monday nights are public roams night and they were a hell of a lot of fun:)

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