Warp changes and me being a doofus

Just tried out the warp changes, I was in a frigate when I spotted a flashy myrmidon and scanned him to a gate. I warped there as he was jumping and tried to point him on the other side (yeah I know it has a tonne of frig munching drones but he only has to make a few mistakes and it’s a glory killmail for me).

Got unlucky with the range and he warped so I chased him, overtook it in warp and was ready for a second attempt after the next gate. Again I got unlucky as I only had a short point and he seemed to align bloody quickly for an armour BC. For five or six jumps I followed him and even on the short warps overtook easily and was ready for the decloak. If I had been luckier with the range or had long point it would have been game on.

Since I fly almost exclusively small fast hulls this is a bit of a game changer – I think I like it..

Lost the Myrm and found a dd who was being a bit cagey 100km off, I saw he was blaster fit so thought sod it and went for him. He ran but came back and went into a plex, so I followed in my trusty Incursus loading null. Tried to keep some distance and actually managed it and I was tanking so well I turned off my repper a bit to bait tank. Then I got too cocky and closed in to make sure he couldn’t get out and that’s when I found out he was loading void. Ouch, boom, GF in local. If I had stayed out with the null it would have been a pretty easy win and cool killmail. DOH.




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