I love it when a plan comes together..

Last night we took out a rather complex fleet setup I like to call “kitchen sink”. A complete hodge podge of seven or eight t1 frigates the aim of which is to loot and ransom as much money as possible from the surrounding area. It worked quite well.

We had the usual mix of experienced and new guys and set off in search of fame, glory and ISK. After a few quiet jumps we scanned a mixed FW fleet in a plex, they were more than we had both in numbers and ship size but I thought sod it, aggression and surprise are worth another few hundred DPS any day so lets go. We piled in hard and shot through a few of them quite quickly when I called a Comet primary, it tanked like hell and I was bawling at some of the blokes to shoot the primary (at this point the rest of their fleet bailed leaving their mate to his doom, if they had stayed they would probably have won). It eventually went down and you will see why it tanked so well! We lost Vordis’ firetail for 2 frigs and a 90M Comet, fair trade and one of his faction reppers dropped too.

Amost immediately after this we scanned an Ishtar in a mission and legged it over there, can’t remember which hero got tackle but nice work whoever it was. The fleet took out his Warrior 2s pretty rapidly and when he dropped Garde 1s we just chuckled and melted it. No losses and our profits are looking not bad so far.

A few more single hits, then a pair of Algos in a site all in the same system and our loot pile in top station is getting steadily bigger. Then I spot a biggish looking gang in a plex again, Thrasher, Dragoon, Hawk and a pile of t1 frigs, right lads overheat the lot and pile in. The thrasher went down pretty well but the dragoon took a while (must have had a 400 plate) and our guys are taking a lot of damage but not being effectively pointed so they can pull range. The Hawk took a while (dual MASB) and after that it was just clearing up. Second fight of the night where we were outgunned and won convincingly so I was chuffed – especially with the new guys. Again we scooped loot as quickly as we could because we knew there was a 550 dps catalyst itching to pile in on us and while we were scattered it would have made a big mess of our half burnt out fleet.

That was about the end of the roam, poked about Evati for a bit then rolled home. We killed over 400M of ships that night and lost two firetails and a couple of t1 frigs. We also took over 50M of loot so everyone agreed it was a pretty good one.


2 thoughts on “I love it when a plan comes together..

  1. Sounds like a damn good night, wish I could have been there.

  2. ericshangpirate says:

    Hero tackle <—

    It was such a good roam

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