1000 Kills!


Woo, just hit 1000 kills for 317 losses which is not bad since a hell of a lot of that is solo and includes learning to be a pirate which is basically a long list of derpmails as you work out the myriad of things not to do. Dont really know which one it was but I hope it was the Augorer/Navy Aug combo that we took out in a frig gang with a fleet full of potential meatshields – it was a pretty quiet roam apart from those kills and they were good ones.

Later on that day we got bored and went to high for some suicide ganks, we warmed up on a pair of mackinaws in an anom then moved up to a mission maelstrom who started repping but we still burned through him and finished off with an orca which Tibbs found anchoring a tower. We hit it with thirteen  t1 destroyers and it went down nicely dropping about 100M in POS mods so op success I think.

The new guys also took a pretty respectable hit to their sec status and are now well on the way to becoming flashy.


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