Auner bloody rocks

When we relocated the Bastards we picked Auner because it’s close to our traditional home of Evati, close to a trade hub, one jump from high so easy for logistics and a quick look at dotlan showed lots of 1vs1.

What we didn’t know was that this is the best bloody sytem in EVE! Yesterday afternoon we fought running battles for about two hours solid, highlights:

  • Ganking a SOLAR bait AF then warping off as his fleet arrived, then picking off another bait tanked Hawk at a gate.
  • Murdering some FW dude in a retribution three times in a row (he got angry).
  • Sarcos getting a spot on warpin on a logi in a safe, Cyril and I dropped arty sebo thrashers to nail him, get the pod and scoop loot again just as the blob dropped.
  • Killing so many FW missioners that the missions list in overview was getting silly.
  • Loosing a pod to an EVE Uni blob – I am never going to hear the end of that…

Comms was just hilarious for the entire afternoon with blokes coming and going and trying to tell the stories of previous scraps but having to shut up to go hunt the next targets. This is what EVE is about – you can’t convince me that waiting on a titan for hours in silence for fear of being shouted at by the FC beats the organised chaos of the Bastards.

We keep trying to roam but then more stuff comes into system that we have to kill, it’s great. I logged off about 10pm tired but the guys were fighting the pirates from next door at the time and I still need to check the kb to see how they did.

Visit Auner, bring guns.


3 thoughts on “Auner bloody rocks

  1. Araziah says:

    Almost makes me want to take a vacation over there for a while.

  2. You are very welcome, join DBastards channel if you want to fight with us.

  3. Got the same FW guy for the 4th time today and I’ve been clearing medium sites solo in a Vexor for the last 20 minutes or so. Moving out here was a great idea, glad I took the jump!

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