Battleships, everywhere.

We were arsing about in Auner chasing the usual FW guys about when I followed a frig into a mission, the frig warped but there was a bloody Apocalypse in there. I bawled on comms and went for tackle but even a Battleship can warp before an AB frig can burn 100km. He bounced about a bit and then left system.

Sarcos wasn’t having this and ran a locator on him which came up a few jumps away so by now we had a decent kitchen sink fleet as the guys smelled blood. I led off in my dual overdrive 5.2Km/s cold interceptor and we got in system with him, he was definitely suspicious and bouncing around but I had guys on both exits by now and we were narrowing him down.

I went into his mission for tackle and was surprised to find a Hyperion on the gate so figuring this would do tackled it and called in the cavalry. My poor inty held on well but finally went down to his drones though not before heavy tackle had landed and pinned him to the floor. I raced off to reship and the guys popped his drones then melted him.

Just as I was heading back in an Enyo and just as the Hyp went down his mate warped in with a Navy Brutix which got the same treatment, bad timing by the Brutix and I was just locking it to get on the killmail when he popped – bah..

We unfortunately lost my inty and Sarcos’ Pilgrim but not a bad trade, Sarcos was bemoaning the performance of his ecm drones all the way home too:)

We never did find the Apoc but the pilot was seen leaving in a pod so perhaps someone got to him before us..


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