The boys are back in town

So the other night we were preparing to go out roaming when one of the old Bastards from way back turns up on comms and says hello. Ronin was CEO yonks ago and is part of the history of the corp so it was great to see him back, two or three of the old guard turn up too and we head out on a roam. Ronin had consumed quite a lot of drink and proposed a bling roam which is why Eric our new meatshield who is a few weeks old ended up FCing a fleet of frigs worth several billion, its fair to say he shat himself for a bit till Ronin took over.

One of the old guard promised a thanny to the first killmail final blow so when Tak tackled someone in Resbroko you can imagine how quick we were to scramble onto the killmail, Ithica got it and spent 700M of the 1.2B on a bomber (it was one of those nights).

Comms was totally over the top, a few of the new guys must have thought we were nutters and Ronin was occasionally confused as to which system we were in but it didn’t stop us taking down an ishtar with a bunch of t1 frigs and murdering a great deal of other stuff, you really can’t beat t1 frigs flown well and agressively.

Man it’s good to be back in the Bastards, EVE is a game about communities not spaceships and its all about who you play with, The Bastards are a perfect mix of good pilots and good laughs and I love it.


2 thoughts on “The boys are back in town

  1. ericshangpirate says:

    It was a amazing night and I had so much fun and yes I was shitting myself but I want to learn how to FC

  2. Raelyf says:

    I couldn’t believe it myself. Some of those guys I haven’t seen in half a decade. Can’t wait to get back into the swing of things.

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