Vandalism is profitable

Activity is really coming along nicely now and we have people online most of the time, the roams are the usual blend of chaos and murder with the odd derp thrown in for good measure (my new corp title reflects my latest cock up and so does Marcos).

Last night we found a POS in our system and I got all territorial about it so a hodge podge fleet of laser boats was put together to “shoot it up a bit”. The new guys were in borrowed ships with meta lasers so everyone joined in. We took out the scram then incapped the tower (holy shit this is boring – how the null crowd do it more than once a year is beyond me) until the owner started talking and we agreed a monthly sum for protection.

Interestingly the guy was pretty decent, didn’t whine or threaten and is interested in getting into PVP so theres a chance he might even join the meatshields, only in EVE….


7 thoughts on “Vandalism is profitable

  1. “(holy shit this is boring – how the null crowd do it more than once a year is beyond me)” – I assure you, it’s one of the reasons that many of get burned out. Structure shoots are the least fun thing to do when it comes to EVE, no matter what structure it is. Politics and lack of targets in a reasonable range is another major reason… all of which are reasons why I left recently.

  2. Come and be a pirate then mate, you’ll love it!

  3. Join us… We have fun everyday.

  4. You know… Zippp has been trying to get me to fly with him for years now. He’s the reason I ended up here. I went to the site, clicked through the links… ended up reading blogs.

  5. Ask him about the 400M ruppy and the double or quits bet:)

  6. And after putting some thought into it… application is in and I’ll be sitting in the public channel.

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