Fighting against the odds, and more crazy shit.

Last nights roam started off with about 8 guys but by the time we engaged a 12 man Uni gang we were down to five as guys dropped off back to real life, still took out equal numbers of the buggers before we went down though – all agreeing it was a bloody good scrap and well worth it..

Random comedy stuff has always happened in the Bastards – chaos just seems to follow us. Yesterday one of our new recruits Zipp shot up a ruppy on a gate, nothing so unusual there, apart from the fact that it had 400M of faction loot in its cargo! The loot fairy was uncharacteristically good to him and he got most of it. This story gets better however..

The pilot proposed a “double or quits” fight to get his stuff back so Zipp ‘sploded him again – I was semi afk during this and came back to Zipp happily explaining how the guy was in station trading another 400M of faction loot over to him! Who says all pirates are skint..

I won’t name the pilot to save his embarrassment but props for keeping your word and paying up – very sporting.


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