Doing it old school

The Bastards have been roaming several times this week – new guys are joining at about one per day and I am swamped just moving stuff about but it is brilliant. The atmosphere is exactly what we wanted – easy going, old school piracy.

So we were out last night and tackled a frigate in a FW mission, we got point on pod and since he was new, demanded a singing ransom. What happened next blew us all out of the water:

We got talking to him afterwards and he said he was a bit lost in EVE (as we all were at the start) but had signed up with the FW corp to get some action. Lord knows what they would have taught him about warp core stabs and cloaky bullshit, we decided this couldn’t happen to such a good bloke so we signed him up to the Meatshield Bastards. He is now en-route to our super secret lowsec hideout and will be schooled in the ways of Yarr. I think he is going to do well.

NB: The pilots name is Majomi Yassavi, if you enjoyed his singing please send him a few ISK, he is fresh out of pod school and has no cash.



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5 thoughts on “Doing it old school

  1. malfyrion says:

    beautyfulll voice ! should try for some kind of idol show :P

  2. He is Swedish too Malfy..

  3. Frood Frooster says:


  4. Trinkets friend says:

    10M ISK sent. Can’t resist a good rendition of Queen.

  5. That. Was awesome. I’m sending that guy some ISK.

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