2.5 Billion Tengu down (easy come, easy go)

I was in Hagilur helping one of the new recruits move his stuff into Evati when a call went out on one of my intel channels from an old Tusker buddy.


Woo and hoo – that’s what you want to hear when you are sitting about feeling a bit bored doing logistics. I was in a frigate at the time and jumped on comms to hear a very exited Redberret telling me to come quick. I set the destination and it was only 5 jumps, luckily this took me past my old home in Evati where I knew I had some ships although few were fitted and none suitable for melting a pve tengu wth an epic tank.

Quickly docking up I saw a Harbinger – bloody perfect, shit – no guns!! I settled on an old Maller I used to use when I was a new pirate with small ac’s, two webs, a scram and 2 1600 plates (it used to eat frigate gangs). I pulled off one plate and found three guns and two neuts. All the time Red is telling me to hurry up as I’m fumbling around trying to find mods.

Finally I’m on the way in HMS Bodgefit and after some close calls on gates I am in warp to a by now very happy Red, I land 50km from the bloody tengu and realise only then that I have no propmod. Shitshitshitshit, I am slowboating towards the thing unbelievably slowly and taking a bit of fire but nothing too stressful, the tengu sees me coming and even webbed can outrun me. Arsebags, I am frantically searching the market for a propmod but dont want to have to jump as to get nailed on a gate now would be infuriating.

The best  I can find is a T1 AB so I warp out, fit it and come back, I’m now at 60km and begin the slowest approach of my life on overheated AB – after what seems like an age I finally get there and double web, double neut the bastard. He goes down without too much trouble once he is neuted and we check the killmail. Holy shit! Red grabs the loot minus the secure container and we are cheering for a 1Bn drop. We almost popped the wreck but then checked the mail and realised that there was another 700 mill in it. I scramble to the station to drop my loot as my hold is the only one big enough to fit the container and then warp back to the wreck. Again the bloody slowboat as it was on an acceleration gate and we get the loot.

Comms is pretty fun by this point as I trade over the loot and head back to my logi duties, Red is over the moon and I’m back in Bastards comms telling our new recruit the story.

Karma, however appears to have wanted to kick me in the arse that night. While hauling 550 Mill of our new guys stuff through high (stupid I know) I get suicided and have to pay him half of what I just got for the tengu. Ah well – easy come easy go..

<edit, two hours later> It appears that Fate wasn’t happy with kicking me in the arse. As I turned round she (fate is always a she) poked me in the eye and kicked me in the balls. This wasn’t your normal run of the mill ball-kicking, this was a carthorse size ball-kicking. Ill explain.

Short version, I shifted some stuff to our lowsec base when I was on the way back in my alts Orca with loot including the guns from the Moros we got last week. I’m scouting with my main and webbing the Orca off gate but for some reason the web trick doesn’t work and a bloody huge gang lands on me scram, webs, even a sodding Vindicator and I’m toast. Shit. About 1Bn worth down the drain. Fate sucks..


2 thoughts on “2.5 Billion Tengu down (easy come, easy go)

  1. Roman says:

    ACK! D :

  2. Araziah says:

    And the whole time I was trying to get there. I lost a jaguar in high-sec because I forgot I still had 4 minutes on a criminal timer.

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