Black and white


Last night I went roaming with the Turn left lads, it took a while to get moving as yours truly is a superscrub and couldn’t fly an ishtar with T2 sentries so we went for Navy Omens. The plan was to hit a wh chain and end up in null but a heavy Balex gang were camping the gate with at least 20 guys in SFIs, guardians, armour links etc and we didn’t think ten Nomens could crack that.

So we decided to go to Barleguet (Brave newbies home system) and spend half an hour there till Balex moved on then go to null. We jumped in and ended up in a belt and it wasn’t long before BN came straight out for a fight, apparently they are using rail thoraxes which arent bad at all. We kited them and killed a few ships before deciding we were outranged and needed to reship. Luckily they have a great market there so round two was us in caracals vs the rail thoraxes again. Back to the same belt and a similar result, we killed a couple of ships but nothing decisive since we were well down on dps and had to kite or risk scramming and a rapid death. This went on for a few minutes and then they left with lots of good natured chat in local which is pretty decent manners considering they didn’t kill any of us. I was left thinking what a good bunch they are – they came straight out to fight, no messing and they knew they were up against good pilots (and me). That’s how it should be done, props Brave Newbies.

For the other side of the coin, enter Balex. These guys turned up shortly after our fight and sat on a gate. Then they sat on station. Then Blinky red turned up in another heavy armour gang and did the same thing. In fact all night they would not leave a gate or station even to engage our ten caracals (which they would have completely murdered if they had engaged). Both groups were in 20man+ heavy armour gangs with tonnes of logi and wouldnt fight each other or BN or the incredibly scarey ten guys in Caracals.

So they camped the gate for about half an hour. Well done lads you just got shown up by the Brave Newbies who came straight out to fight while you huddled around gates and stations afraid to engage – bet you had a load of fun that night..

Virtual internet cookie to anyone who can get a screenshot of Balex not on a gate – in warp doesn’t count:)


5 thoughts on “Black and white

  1. Araziah says:

    I killed a Balex guy in a cyno rifter once off the Hevrice VI station. I had never heard of them. before. He got all upset and said something like, “that’s the last Balex kill you’ll ever get.” Turns out to be true. They’re never out in space without 9 of their closest buddies (+ links) around, and they never engage anyway.

  2. Sard Caid says:

    This happened back in a time when taking BS versus T3s was seen as dumb. BS gang doctrine lacked tackle, otherwise I think they’d be a few more killmails.

  3. Bloody hell were they off a gate there?:)

    Nice work mate.

  4. Naoru Kozan says:

    BALEX SFI managed to escape because I was to chicken to dive in and commit fully. Also check out what is showing up on D-scan lolol.

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