It’s all a bit of a blur..

It was with great regret that I left the Tuskers a few days ago, I left a nice post on the forums and had a very positive chat with Sulei the CEO and we parted on very good terms. I still fly with several of my old corpmates and doubt whether I will ever shoot them despite the lack of official standings between us – the more I play this game the longer the list of no-shoot-friends gets – luckily they are all excellent pilots and would probably waste me anyway.

I have rejoined my old corp The Bastards who are currently in Shadow Cartel, the reasons are many and complicated but one of them is that we would like to get the old training corp up and running again – the Meatshield Bastards – I went through that corp and have great memories of it and now I would like to pass that on to others. Stand by for more information in the next few weeks on this, currently I am wrestling with bloody css code and would greatly appreciate any help from anyone who understands this shit. Seriously theres ISK in it for you, get in touch.

I have been shooting stuff too but no idea where to start. Dethleffs and I went out in frigs (me in a tristan I hate and am trying to loose but it keeps refusing to pop) and probed out a gnosis in a mission, warp, bam, point and we were doing a good number on his drones but both eventually had to warp out from rat damage which was a pisser, should have shot the frig rats. Bit annoyed about missing that one as it would have been a good kill.

Then Deth, Malfy, my new CEO Anabaric and I went out on what can only be described as a pretty surreal cruiser roam. Malfy was leading and was overly verbose even by his standards which resulted in all the useful info such as where to jump, primaries etc being submerged in a torrent of verbal exuberance, bloody hilarious although I had to have a couple of large whiskies to keep me sane.

We jumped into a six odd man AF gang on a gate who agressed and if I remember right the instructions on comms (possibly from me) was “right just start murdering shit”. Most of them went down then we ran into a triple rep bait Sigil (which I mistook for a Vigil) who was bait for another frig gang who got the same treatment. Shortly after this or possibly before I don’t remember was a Brutix on gate who agressed malfy and again got team surreal in the face – I used to have a brutix fit very similarly to this and I lost it on a gate too, to shadow cartel ironically enough.

Last of all the Sigil baiting geniuses decided to uncloak bombers at range on our cruiser gang, with torps, obviously this did no damage but Ana had a navy omen which could reach them and popped most of them with the rest of us burning to get into range (damn blasters) and whoring on killmails with our drones.

Thats about it for last night I think, it was bloody weird though great fun and I apologise if I have got anything in the wrong order:)


3 thoughts on “It’s all a bit of a blur..

  1. Araziah says:

    I work in web development and wouldn’t mind helping you out.

  2. malfyrion says:

    plz help him! I tried and got my alt killed in the process :D

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