A good morning

All thanks to Malfy.

So I logged on to update skills at work and Malfy our resident lunatic Swede was jabbering about killing RudeX while he was afk. This guy is one of the super-linked, snaked FW guys who fly insanely fast kiting ships and blat you from 30km away while doing 7K per second. No probs with that but he likes to smack talk in local which is pretty weak when your target had an ab and no chance to escape or fight back.

Anyway, Malfy had popped his merlin which resulted in a load of smack and being told that he would “come back for a fair fight” which resulted in him bringing a 5k cynabal with links against malfys ab Stabber fleet so clearly a fair fight. Unfortunately for him Malfy (despite sounding like animal from the muppets on voice comms) is a bloody good pilot and scrammed then murdered a half billion cynabal. He shut up in local after that. During all this I am bawling on comms to get a fleet invite as but obviously our poor Swede is a bit busy and I dont get in on it, until about five minutes later when he said:

“Moros tackled in Evati”

Holy shit on toast thats three jumps away, I grabbed a bomber as the harby I jumped into had no guns (grr) and hot footed it over there to lay down some damage on a Moros who was bashing a pos. He went down with very little trouble and luckily I happened to have a hauler in system so managed to snag the guns afterwards.

Pretty damn good morning, I seem to remember we got some other stuff, nearly burned through a cerb’s tank in frigates but got the call to bug out, I had a monster close fight with a twin web coercer on a gate that left me in 5% hull and with a severely elevated heartbeat but mainly the highlights were a moros kill and Malfy shutting up one of the more irritating people in game.


3 thoughts on “A good morning

  1. Xuixien says:

    RudeX is one of the more special people in FW.

  2. Thanks for sharing this epicness. Love hearing about RudeX getting his due…

  3. Trinkets friend says:

    I love RudeX just as much as i love showing a dry pineapple up my arse sideways. He shuts up pretty quick when his double-damp Hookbill gets out in structure from a Vigil.

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