Ha Ha

It’s not very often I get one over on the FW farmers, last week I warped in on a guy who cloaked so I went and got a bomber with rockets and slowboated up to him cloaked then scram and pew. He was stabbed as well as cloaky..

In Evati I warped in on a guy in a FW plex and as I activated the gate I saw a logi frig land just behind me, I knew exactly what this was – a repping alt on his way to rep up the main and spoil my day. Unfortunately for him, overloaded arties:

Boom, and


Yep got em both, bloody hilarious and the guy was actually pretty cool about it in local. Didn’t whine or smack or pretend it wasn’t an alt, just bemoaned my arty fit so props to him. The damn faction reppers didn’t drop though..


4 thoughts on “Ha Ha

  1. malfyrion says:

    When you gonna write about me gettin you all yer kills hu!? :D and a moros!

  2. Nice work taking out a griffin, the less of those the better.

    That arty thrasher did great work before it exploded honourably too.

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