Good old fashioned piracy

A few of the Tuskers have decided to take a holiday away from Hevrice for a while as it is getting a bit stale up there so we have decamped to Bosena. I have some ships nearby in Evati from when I was in the Bastards and I was poking about as I headed over to meet some friends when I saw a Rokh on scan. I was not ideally armed (no tank coercer) but scanned him to a belt and piled in anyway.

He was bloody mining! In a battleship! I locked him up and went for it, his t1 drones weren’t anywhere near me and all was going well, I clicked to turn off the overheat on my guns and just at that second burnt them all out. Shitshitshit, ok Ill bluff a ransom:

Me: OK that’ll be 100M ransom or I pop you

Mr mining Rokh: You’re going to need something bigger than that to get a ransom

At this point he warps in a Raven and starts shooting what can only be cruises at me which does nothing, unfortunately one of them gets a neut on me and my coercer was not exactly cap stable before so I give them a well done in local and warp off.

I did however go straight to the nearest market hub to fit out a wolf with a nos and was on my way back when a couple of tuskers logged on and happened to be near, I got them involved and so we had a vengeance and a vexor too. Kaal also had his alt so the alt went into system and reported an orca picking up ore from the battleship – bingo. He waited till the next time it warped in but it was 70km off and using the long range tractors to pull cans in. He bookmarked a can warped out and back onto it then called us in.

The bloody orca warped just as we got on grid – we were spewing but we got the mining rokh and towards the end of that one a kiting naga warped in which we probed and again the bugger warped just as we landed. In hindsight we should have been more patient for the orca but hey that’s how it goes.

I really enjoyed this because you would never get this sort of thing happening up near Hevrice, we have killed anyone daft enough to mine in battleships and the only ones left are other pirates and cloaky, stabbed FW alts.

Afterwards Kaal told us about a system full of numpties who lost two tengus to him in a day so we hot footed it over there and hey presto – they lost another one:)   It was near a tower though and the tower neuted and jammed me so I went to warp out just as the downtime popup box appeared, I was spamming reps and warp but they dont work till you click the OK on the popup which I forgot. Loosing a ship to a popup box is REALLY annoying and I was pretty grumpy for a bit, so much so that a corpie had to give me a hawk to shut up:)


4 thoughts on “Good old fashioned piracy

  1. Nope Dr no it was another guy, yours was even stupider:)

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