One of the intel channels I’m in recently had a guy in it who had recently moved to a Pandemic Legion corp and the reason he gave was that he “had to play the end game” – this interested me.

Clearly his thinking was along the lines of: well I can fly all these big ships now so let’s join the guys who drop caps all over the place and get involved in the big politics. There is a great deal of sense in that, as far as I know PL will pay for your ship loss if you loose it on an op and that is a great safety net. They also clearly have some damn good pilots since it isn’t easy to win the AT muliple times.

However I can’t help thinking that he was selling himself short, this guy was a good small gang pvper and to join team blob seems like a backwards step to me but perhaps I’m biased as I really don’t like them, I thought of joining snigg when I was a very young pilot and managed to stay in their public channel for about five minutes before the childish shit-talking bored me rigid.

It did get me thinking about the end game though, does EVE even have one? I’m getting to the stage where I can fly most of what I want to and will respec int/mem soon to do all the boring supports up to five. Beyond that who knows? Certainly I have no desire to fly caps or even battleships (I think I have one kill in a battleship) but perhaps that will change.

Whats your definition of the end game?


3 thoughts on “Endgame?

  1. Anonymous says:

    The only end game I see is the one you set for yourself. The content in the game is not a flat story line. You are the generator of contents. There is never an end game but only the lack of imagination and creativity.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Interesting – I was a member of the CO2 alliance for a long time and have recently been doing some solo piracy. I get far more satisfaction out of zipping round in my slasher than fighting in blob warfare. Got to do my first ransom today, finally felt like a proper pirate. He didn’t pay up but put the amount as a bounty on my head. YARRR!!!!

    As for end game? Eves the journey not the destination.

  3. Yeah getting anyone to pay a ransom these days is tough, even singing ones…

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