Show me the money

So I’m a pirate, I have pvp’ed almost exclusively ever since I have been playing and I think I made the decision to go flashy after a few months. Up till then I could go into highsec but made my cash in wormholes so didn’t really need to.

I still have the Sigil that hauled all my worldly posessions into the last highsec system before Evati when I joined the Bastards and became a pirate – it is parked in Bei and I leave it there because I am a sentimental old duffer.

Like most pirates I have a hauler alt that also does scanning, market stuff etc and am now training him to do exploration too but to be honest I don’t really think I need to. I make a very small amount from trading but jesus christ it is boring – I’d much rather be melting stuff. You see my strength is that I am a total skinflint, I fly cheap T1 hulls for 95% of the time and am also the space equivalent of that drunk homeless guy who wanders about the city centre at night picking up anything he can. If I shoot something I’ll loot it and I don’t care if it is t1 fit, it all comes back with me, drones on gates get scooped and I’ll even salvage t1 hulls. Loot on roams is dropped in system so it can’t get exploded if I loose the ship and I go back for it in a stabbed thrasher later when its quiet.

The useable stuff (basically t2 mods and decent ammo) go in my hangar which is currently about 2.5 billion worth. The rest goes to my alt who will reprocess the junk and sell anything worthwhile – occasionally Ill run off a batch of frigates from the reprocessed crap and ship them into home station to be fitted with the mods from loot.

I’m pretty sure I can’t fit everything I need from loot and the alt is forever running to market to pick up various bits but with the small amount I make from the odd ransom, exploration, or even the odd extremely rare bit of carebearing in a 5/10 to help a mate I get by.

I’ve been running this system for a while now and I always seem to have about the same amount of cash so I’m kinda happy with it, obviously it precludes flying extremely blingy ships but that’s not really my style anyway. About the most expensive thing I own is a HAC which is used for roams with the corp and I have only ever lost one of them.

How do you make your cash?


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