Morin is a genius

I have just stumbled over this and it reminded me of when Morin told me about the whole thing, I hadn’t seen the video so this was the first time and so thought Id share it.

So there used to be this staggeringly annoying bastard called socratic who would basically just clutter up local with unpleasant threats, spam and claimed to be super intelligent. Arnon in highsec was his hangout. One of our guys decided to sort him out and concocted some long winded story to get the guy to help him out and that help consisted of parking a battleship packed with smartbombs in highsec to kill a wartarget.

As soon as our uber genius fires up the smartbombs, Morin had a load of volunteers warp in their pods to die. Of course socratic instantly gets concordokened and one of morins mates gets the pod but after killing so many pods in highsec he is instantly -9.8 sec status. Morin has single handedly kicked the bugger out of highsec to the great relief of the local residents.

Morin became a hero overnight and apparently socratic went to lowsec to rat up his sec and had a hard time backing up his smack talk (he totally sucked and everyone loved shooting him).


Edit: Just found this comedy killmail, looks like there was a concerted effort to kill him in the most silly ships.


3 thoughts on “Morin is a genius

  1. Very much enjoyed your work Mr K. Perhaps we should start a “where’s socratic” channel to share intel on where the bugger is and help facilitate more comedy killmails..

    Also someone had said his account was banned, when did you last see him?

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