My first killmail

I had been in the game about a week and me and my CEO were arsing about in highsec when we spotted a can flipper (yep it used to be a thing before crimewatch) in a belt with a wolf and some temptingly named cans. I asked what the deal was on comms and the flipping thing was explained to me.

We decided to go for the bait but with my CEO in a hastily thrown together rr cruiser. I was reassured the reps would land and I grabbed the bait, instantly started taking a great deal of damage and thought the game was up but then the reps landed and all was well, I orbited the wolf and laid down my puny punisher dps (week old char) and slowly the bugger started to go down. At some point my CEO spotted him running for it and told me to approach him quick so I didn’t loose point, how he didn’t outrun me is a mystery as my skills were non existant. His big mistake was aggressing TF as then he could drop drones and the job was done.

Afterwards I scooped the loot and was completely over the top exited, first kill and even some T2 LOOT!! Must have taken me about 10 mins to stop jabbering about it and I expect my corpies were cracking up laughing..


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