My second ever lossmail

The first corp I joined in this game awoxed me and so I was in it for less than an hour, happily my luck picked up after that and I joined a bunch of nutters called Sudden Buggery. They taught me the ropes and put up with my chronic mistakes and are the reason that my second ever killmail was a punisher with 40K damage tanked (they’re also probably the reason I got good enough to join the Tuskers). Bearing in mind I was a few weeks old I think that’s not bad..

So here’s the story. An internet spaceships (evil) genius called Trinkets friend had got an alt into a mining corp and we set about flipping them in order to get aggression and spoil their day. Yours truly was the bait and was told to go flip one of their cans and see what happened. At this time I had never been in a fight, knew nothing of any mechanics whatsoever and my overview was a shocking state.

I flipped a can and a drake started shooting at me, the guys were all saying “shoot the drones” and in retrospect I realise now that only the drones did much damage but I couldn’t target them as my overview was a such a mess and I was basically way out of my depth in my first fight. Obviously I had remote reps on me but the big prob was that I was neutted to shit so no lasers (after this I went to the ac punisher).

So a drake, onyx, scorp and harpy were piling into me with deeply unsuitable weaponry (fury heavies and fury cruises) and I was tanking like a boss basically arsing about doing very little useful for what seemed like ages, none of the targets would spread aggression by shooting anyone but me (which scuppered our plan) so things sort of continued with lots of chuckles on comms until the reppers ran out of charges and I popped.

I felt pretty guilty afterwards as if Id shot the damn drones we could have tanked the damage easily and I could have worn the harpy down then started on the bigger stuff. Of course I know all this now but I didn’t then.

Not the best result but it was a rare failure during a very fun few months I spent with them. They were pretty good players and I always wonder why they took in a total newb and taught him the ropes but I’ve always been grateful.


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