Smack talk

No idea why it’s called “smack” talk but we all know what I mean here. Basically it boils down to gobbing off when you should be shooting instead.

I really really don’t see the point, you have just lost a ship so why does this mean you have to threaten me in local chat, demonstrably you are incapable of carrying out any threats as you are in a pod. I have to say that bears are the worst offenders here, pirates will usually have a decent chat afterwards and share fits but I have had some pretty offensive stuff from miners and missioners. I think the reason is that these guys aren’t as used to loosing ships as we are and get a bit too attached to them.

The funny thing is that if you are polite in local, most of us would offer you a bit of post-explosion advice on how to avoid being another statistic on the Tuskers killboard.


2 thoughts on “Smack talk

  1. Naoru Kozan says:

    Well I normally don’t smack talk. But I was dealing with some very obvious station baiters today.

    Kind of lost my shit and abused them in local. I mean seriously a cane hugging station trying get me to take sentries with his mate in a hype docked up. Subtle baiting is subtle!

    Also on a totally unrelated note: a Thanatos can hold up a shield tanked Drake with armor reps vs a cane + hype.

    The more you know :)

    Baiting fucktards also left system ))))

  2. Did you have time to drop the cane?

    Also I hear armour reps on drakes is the new thing, what were they saying at AT – next generation?:)

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