Noobs in Low sec

Yesterday I was idling in Hev just updating skills and making a shopping list for my alt (amazing how much of this game is admin) when someone convoed me. Turns out he was really new, a few days or weeks, and asked if we were pirates. I replied yes definitely to this question and the follow up “so I should avoid you guys in local” adding that in lowsec almost everyone will be out to kill you and not just us.

We chatted for twenty minutes or so and it turns out that his corp had sent him into low sec to mine an ore you can only get here and he was asking me how to do it successfully. My advice was perhaps to go back to his corp and suggest that sending newbs into a system where well over 200 pirates live (Tuskers and Stay Frosty) wasn’t the brightest idea ever but that if he was set on lowsec mining he should use the map to find a quiet system.

It took me a good ten minutes to talk him through getting to the “kills in last hour” bit of the map but I think he got it. Good luck bud – you have a lot to learn..


One thought on “Noobs in Low sec

  1. Trinkets friend says:

    I’d have said “shit dude, you should see the size of this roid at top belt!

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