Away for a bit.

I’m off traveling for about a month so back mid September.

I’ll leave you with this fight from last night, it was a cracker. We jumped into a BALEX heavy armour gang and went to work, it was our ahacs and oneiros vs guardians, SFIs, celestis and I think four neutting legions who did a pretty good number on our logi. Props to Djukas for reshipping and bringing a megathron back in. We deagressed when they brought in more logi and lost one of ours as he was at range and couldn’t make it to the gate with the entire enemy gang webbing him:)

After that it was wait time, a huge PL gang and similar Cal mil gang were both very close and smacking each other instead of fighting, neither would jump into the other. We were outclassed by both so waited for an opportunity which eventually came, they finally ended up fighting (not sure how as at this point I was running about my house searching for my passport) and we of course piled in, took out someones logi (not sure who) whored on as many killmails as possible, although I missed the damn carrier somehow, then did a brave sir robin before anyone noticed and started murdering us.

It was a pretty good roam although unusually I came back with hardly any loot despite dropping a neut for a salvager:).


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