Bittervet syndrome

You will often hear old experienced players referred to as “bitter vets” people who have done everything in EVE, are very good at it and for them nothing holds much excitement any more. I am still pretty new to the game and it hasn’t affected me yet but a lot of the guys I fly with while not really bitter are certainly less exiteable than me when a potential kill flags itself up.

Last night we had a really good engagement which had some of the old vets a bit more animated than usual and it was great to hear everyone coordinating in comms, appearing from various systems and fighting very outclassed to get a couple of good kills. I was in Ostingele in an interceptor and three of the others were chasing a cruiser gang my way in nano cruisers so I burned over and reported a second cruiser gang on the other side of the gate. It all gets a bit fuzzy here but after much warping, aligning and general trickery we mananged to tackle two ruptures, they were linked to hell with serious speed and ehp so it took ages to burn one down and then I’m sure we got the other but I cant find the killmail so he must have got out. Immediately after we probed a cane in a pounce off the gate (no idea why he didnt help out his mates) and I warped onto him for hero point then called in the cavalry to dispose of him. I think we all enjoyed it because for much of the time we were very outnumbered and had to be bloody careful not to get caught by the linked-out-the-arse fleets.

Before that I was on a roam with the turn left guys who are still smarting from just loosing out to PL in the AT. If you didn’t see the match it was a real nailbiter and I was gutted when they lost. I’m not a fan of PL at all and I know the Exodus guys would have put the prize ships to far better use than PL will. They were already making jokes about it and taking the piss out of each other though so I think they’ll survive.


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