New Pilots..

This is how you do it. I talk to lots of new pilots and try to give them a bit of advice to help them through the unbelievably hard learning curve of this game we play – my advice is always “make friends and learn from them”.

I was lucky enough to join a bunch of lunatics called “Sudden Buggery” only a few days into the game and while others were flying L1 and 2 missions, I was flying a punisher with flames coming out of the hull through wormholes having a total blast. I learned from very good players and improved, without them I would probably still be stuck in highsec running missions.

So many players are convinced they need more SP before PVPing that they wait and wait and never end up doing it – or worse they try to learn to PVP in expensive ships. My advice is get into a corp who are newb friendly and fly cheap ships in fleets till you learn the basics, after that you can branch out into solo if you like.

Stan Ace got it right, he came straight to Hevrice as a really new player, challenged loads of Tuskers to 1vs1s, learned a lot then joined Stay Frosty who are basically the guys to join if you are interested in piracy and quite new and is now in their top ten on the killboard a few short months later. I was chatting to him and recommended the corp and I always keep an eye on new guys that I give advice to. He has been in game for four months and here is his kill record for that time:

Month Kills ISK (B) Losses ISK (B) Efficiency
August, 2013 22 0.53 4 0.18 75.01%
July, 2013 106 4.11 106 3.09 57.08%
June, 2013 30 0.79 83 1.98 28.54%
May, 2013 1 0.03 17 0.26 9.12%

Not bad eh? From one kill and seventeen losses in the first month to 22-4 so far this month.

So if you’re a new pilot, forget SP, fit a tonne of t1 frigs, go make some friends and fight with them.

Now back to watching AT and hopefully Exodus can pull back and boot PL out of the tournament..


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