Tuskers roam

We had a big mix of people in the Tuskers public roam last night, including members of at least two alliance tournament teams. We also had a couple of less experienced guys who kept doing the lemming thing through gates and driving the FC nuts:)

I was feeling bloody awful so bailed a bit early after only a few kills but the fleet comp was moas and gilas and I have never really liked the moa. For a start it is uglier than bulldog licking piss off a nettle but to me it just doesnt have anything special, its too damn slow and I didnt like the split guns either. Never mind – at least the ship was free as long as I didn’t explode it and could hand it back at the end.

Having recently noticed that I’d got into the top 10K on battleclinic, I am now nearly into the top 8K. It’s quite sad but I am actually looking every week or so to see if I have gone up or down. I expect it’ll slow down soon and eventually I’ll find my place. Secretly I want to get into the top 5k..


6 thoughts on “Tuskers roam

  1. rixxjavix says:

    You’ll get there. I seem to have finally stuck at around 1,500ish, so that may finally be my final resting place. And shame on you, picking on the Moa! Its beauty is more than skin deep.

  2. It’s butt ugly mate, but then I have never really been a fan of caldari, perhaps it is because cal cruiser 5 takes you to tengu (uber bearing chariot) and falcon (universally despised wanker boat).

  3. Trinkets friend says:

    Welcome to the top 10K, and top 8K!

  4. Apparently the secret to reaching the top on BC is to kill Ventures in noob ships. Elite PvP at its finest :D

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