Total crush

OK so if you haven’t heard the EVE cover of “dumb ways to die” yet then you must – it’s really funny.

It has had the twin side effects of making me hum the damn song to myself for half the day (which is getting annoying) and also started a schoolboy crush on the girl who sings the song. No idea who she is but I am going on a mission to get a singing ransom from her just like the old days in the Bastards. “I wanna hold your hand” by the Beatles I think.

Just done some checking and she is in Snigg, the odds of me managing to tackle one of theirs for long enough to get a song without getting dropped on may be slim, last time we fought them they dropped supers on our comedy gnosis fleet.

“Sulei I’m calling a fleet”

“Sure why mate?”

“I want to go start a fight with PL to get a song from a girl with a really great voice”



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