RVB Ganked

So yesterday a group of devs and tournament commentators decided to go on a roam in lowsec. Mangala and the RVB crowd formed up a pretty epic kitchen sink fleet to go out and kill them (something about ECMing Fozzie as much as possible?) and so I joined up in a bomber as a) they always need scouts and b) I had a hunch (wrongly) that CCP would turn up in a heavy BS fleet.

I cant honestly remember much about the details but we killed them lots, they were in faction cruisers and logi and either didn’t put up much of a fight or were blobbed into oblivion by the slavering hordes of rvbers. I have never seen so many targets as mad ani brought a fleet of about 50 and everyone for miles around decended to get a cpp kill. I lost the bomber quite early and reshipped into a dual prop ares which paid for itself a hundred times over. I was steaming about mwding to get into a tight orbit then ab, orbit, overheat blasters then rinse and repeat. The few times I got tackled I just pulled range and went back in.

The highlights were taking out a SCUM heavy armour fleet including 400M guardians and command ships, a rather expensive Mach flown by some PL guy and countless CCP kills, I think the total was over 300 kills and christ knows how much ISK. Comms was hilarious and I was reminded how easy I have it flying with the tuskers but everyone was having a great time and Mangala is pretty good at managing to be heard over the crowd.

The RVB guys were picking off just the flashies but I have no such constraints and was murdering everything in sight. Twice I ran out of ammo and had to find a gallente wreck to scrounge some more, by the end I was firing some random long range ammo I had never even heard of, what a fight.

After a few hours and about three reships the ccp guys called it a day and went home so we did too. Later I went round in my taxi thrasher to pick up my loot which came to over 50M, not bad and I could have scooped more at the expense of killmails.

If you have never been on an RVB roam before, it is great – chaotic but great fun. Bring a blank clone and join the ingame channel RVB Ganked for info.

Heres the RVB killboard for that day.


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